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Created 11-Jan-12
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These are what I consider some of my very best and personal favorite photographs, ranging from Retro themed images to the Wildlife and landscapes of Colorado, and everything else in between. Fine art prints, posters and other items are all available through my shop on and links to that appear under the images themselves. As a photographer I try to bring a sense of beauty and hope to the world. I don't focus on catching reality a lot of the time but rather a sense of emotion within my images. I want to show the world that in the daily grind that beauty still exists and is often times all around us, we just never slow down enough to realize it. My aim is to transport the viewer into the scene itself and give them the experience which I had when I photographed it.---John

Landscape Prints

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Landscape Prints

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Wildlife Prints

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Abstaction & Patterns In Nature Prints

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Abstaction & Patterns In Nature Prints

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Retro Themed Prints

Guestbook for Prints & Portfolio - My best images
Albert Wong(non-registered)
Great Work John!! I love the color and depth to your photos. I added you on Google+
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